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Hello people of Codeforces, I hope you are all doing well. I'm a high school student, and my biggest passion is Competitive Programming. I started Competitive Programming a few months ago, and so far I have quite improved, that now I can solve problems that I couldn't solve months ago. However, being a self-learner, I have many troubles improving my skills. One of these troubles, which is the most significant hindrance to me, is that my I have been unable to improve my thinking skill. When solving problems, I am still following my old path of thinking, and for harder problems, this path of thinking will not help me reach the solution, since these problems require creativity, but my way of thinking is too simple and quite trivial. I feel that I have been struggling to think differently, or think creatively, from when I started Competitive Programming, and most problems that I can solve usually have something in common with the ones I have known. So, to all people here, how have you been able to think differently, and invent solutions for new problems you have never seen ?. Furthermore, can anyone recommend me how can I practice to improve my thinking ability, or creativity. I know that the way to think about a problem matters the most to me, so I will really appreciate your help. Thank you all for reading this blog, and have a nice day.

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