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Invitation to TECHELON'17 presents NOVICE

'NOVICE' The Online Programming challenge, is being conducted by Techelon . The 24 hour Mega coding event goes live on 29th March 7:00 PM.

To be a part of the constest register on the Hackerearth now!

Here is the contest link :)

Lots of prizes to be won and lots of ranks to be achieved to brag about!!


1st prize — Rs 2,000/-

2nd prize — Rs 1,500/-

3rd prize — Rs 1,000/-

1st prize(NSIT) — Rs 1,500/-

In case of multiple prize being won by a single contestant ,He/She shall be eligible for one with the higher value .

NOTE :- The prizes shall be given in form of Amazon India gift card,hence,We shall unfortunately not be able to send prizes to our friends abroad.

The problemsetters of the contest are aj95,chetan_shukla,sb96,sagorika1996,PurpleDreams,paavini,abx_2109,ashwaninsit.

We hope you enjoy the problems :) .

Spread the word among your friends who are interested .

Hope to see you participating.

Happy Coding!

Update :- The contest begins in 3 hours :)

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