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Currently a friends of mine are organizing a programming contest which is focused in training for the upcoming ICPC latin-American regionals, however anyone can participate in the contest. Below is the official invitation. Hope to see you there.

Invitation to the first open UTP programming contest

As the ICPC regional is coming, we have decided to make a contest open to everyone with the purpose of helping on training for the ACM-ICPC regional contest. The problem setters are Santiago Gutierrez (santjuan) and Sebastian Gomez (sebasutp), two of the team members of the UTP team that classified to the world finals the last year.

We are trying to create a contest with a similar level of difficulty as the Latin-American regionals, with new problems created by us. The problem set will be in English, and the contest will follow the ICPC rules with some few exceptions listed below:

  • Because of the nature of this contest, we can’t know if every team is following all rules. For instance, we can’t know if every team is composed of only 3 members, or if they are using code libraries they have written previous to the contest. All we can do is to hope the teams will play clean, since this contest is just for practice or to have some fun.

  • Our goal is to make this contest on a Judge that we are writing here at UTP, in case we have any difficulties we may change to some other judging system. As our Judge does not yet have a clarification system, we intend to use emails for clarifications, so when you create a user on our judging system, please check you spelled correctly the email address of some team member.

  • We encourage everyone to participate on this contest and have fun with it. We also encourage you to invite any other team that you think is willing to participate. This contest is not closed only for people on Colombia,so if any of you know contestants of any other country that may be willing to participate please send them this document inviting them to this contest.

The contest will be done on Saturday 26th of October, from 1 PM to 6 PM Colombian time (GTM-5) .

There will be a warmup contest on Saturday 26th of October in the morning (Colombian time) . The idea of the warm up is to test the system before the competition, and that you get familiarized with the judging system.

To participate on this contest please follow the following steps:

  1. Go to http://utpjudge.elasticbeanstalk.com/
  2. Click sign up.
  3. On Email fill with a valid email address of one of the contestants. On name fill your team name. On code fill your university name.

Then you have to sign up for the contestants groups. To do that follow this steps:

  1. Go to Groups link.
  2. Select the contestants group.
  3. Click register.
  4. When asked for password, put "contestants" as password (quotes for clarity).
  5. Click ok.

Those steps should not take more that one minute, the sooner you can do it the better. Finally, if you have any further questions please write me. My email address is segomez@utp.edu.co. Thank you very much for your attention.

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By DiegoAE, 9 years ago, In English


I have found a couple of very interesting math problems on the Dhaka 2008 problemset:

  1. Puzzles of Triangles

  2. Stopping Doom's Day

The first one is about counting in how many ways you can put a right triangle over a square taking into account some constraints(I know it has to do with prime factorization). The second one is about computing the following function modulus 10007:

and n ≤  = 2 * 109

I would find very useful any hint/comment that you can give me about these problems.

Thanks in advance.

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