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By GlebsHP, 5 years ago, In English,

In the clarification during just finished 222 round it has been announced that this round is going to be rated for both divisions, however, div1 coders are able only to register for "out of competition" participation. Is it a mistake or the concept has changed?

It'll be a little unfair to make the last round of the old year div2-only :)

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By GlebsHP, 7 years ago, translation, In English,

Hello everybody!

Today's round will be held by SergeiFedorov and me. We have done our best to make it diverse (different task complexity and themes) and rated (we know it's important). Your questions, wishes and constructive criticism (destructive we already can do :-)) leave in comments.

The contestants will plunge into the cold February of Nvodske and will be to help one's friends to survive the cold. Just imagine all responsibility!)

On this occasion I would like to thank all Codeforces team for the great job, they are doing, Artem Rakhov (RAD) for his help in task preparations, Maria Belova (Delinur) for problems translation, my mom, my dad, our soundman and Tuscany winemakers, for us didn't fall ill while preparing this round.

Distribution will be something like:

div. 1: 500-500-1000-1500-3000 (yeah, it really costs 3000)

div. 2: 500-1000-1500-1500-3000

Good luck & have fun!

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By GlebsHP, 9 years ago, In Russian,
Mike, как вы относитесь к идее создать на codeforces базу со всеми известными пользователям алгоритмами?
Конечно, такие базы уже существуют, но они все обладают разными недостатками, здесь же можно было бы соорудить базу, в которую каждый может добавлять новые алгоритмы, давать советы по использованию уже имеющихся, делать какие-то поправки и замечания, давать свои коды и подсказывать задачи на эти алгоритмы.
Уверен, что пользователям есть чем поделиться!

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