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By I_Love_Totoro, history, 7 months ago, In English

I've made a submission to problem 1303D. I get a correct answer when I iterate upto 30 bit positions, but, according to the constraints in the question, I've to iterate upto 60 (n: 1e18). I don't understand why the code reads junk bits (and hence increments variable splits) thus giving a WA.

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By I_Love_Totoro, 7 months ago, In English

Hi everyone, I'm a final year student pursuing Computer Science. I've a good basis in competitive programming, though I've not been very consistent enough to strengthen them till now. As a result I've missed out on several opportunities. I really do love CP, so, I'm creating this blog to help me stay consistent. I'm planning on doing atleast one Virtual contest per day and upsolving it,I will be posting my improvements in this post. I've been inspired to take this up by Eddagdeg's blog. Any suggestions/feedback is highly welcomed :)

1st VC: round82 rank:6514 Analysis: Had solved A in contest, had to upsolve B,C due to bugs in implementation, had an idea about D but wasn't clear: referred edit and upsolving. UPD: Completed upsolving upto D

2nd VC: Hello2020 rank:5861 I felt this contest was a little harder. Analysis: Solved A, very close with B (upsolved), upsolved C after referring editorial. Order of attempt: A,C,B. UPD: Completed upsolving upto D, will revisit D (implem got WA)

3rd VC: round621 rank:4469 Analysis: coming soon

4th VC: round616 rank:4918 Analysis: coming soon

5th VC: round619 rank:7595 Analysis: coming soon

6th VC: round609 rank:5325 Analysis: Solved A, have to upsolve B. Facing difficulty in breaking past correctly solving anything other than A during contest. Decided to upsolve upto D/E in all prev VCs

7th VC: round606 rank:3844 Analysis: Solved A during contest and for the first time, stayed in the contest and solved B just after contest.

8th VC(actual contest) : round622 rank:4694 Analysis: Solved A, tried to solve C1.

Feel that I'm improving :) To be continued only after upsolving upto D/E in the above 8 VCs.

UPD: Decided to upsolve alteast one of the prev contests (upto D) and continue doing atleast one VC per day.

9th VC: round623 rank:1189 my highest rank so far ^-^ Analysis: Solved upto C in contest, tried to upsolve D, but didn't understand how to implement: will revisit.

10th VC: round:608 rank:4659 Analysis: Solved A within 10 minutes.

11th VC: round:604 rank: 4304 Skipped A (upsolved after contest), solved B correctly during contest, came up with buggy soln. for C,D during contest

12th VC: round:625 rank:3140 Analysis: Solved A during contest.

Attended Carte Blanche at MIT: got exposure and solved a wide range of problems ^_^

Upsolved all contests upto C (except for 2). Hadn't understood few problems, marked to revisit them. Slightly slacked off inbetween :((

13th VC (actual contest): round:edu83 rank:7906 :( Analysis: had solved B in contest, logic gap in A. Upsolved upto C

14th VC round:626 rank:3618. Analysis: Solved A during contest, tried C. Should upsolve B,C

Planning to side-by-side solve many B,C and also do VC+upsolve upto D from now on

Hi everyone! I just got a little lazy to update this blog after I picked up the consistency of solving problems. I've advanced to become a Pupil :) Finally came out of my grey-zone. Thanks to all supporters and people like SPyofgame who've enlightened me. I will continue to update this blog :)

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