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Currently I developed a web app using the codeforces API. Due to current situation of, for most people that known the list of problems ladders from Codeforces and still solving this problems is a little difficult to see your progress due that only exist the static version of ladders but with this proposal I hope be helpful and you enjoy it. This is the first version, It is simple but with main functions to see the progress in solving ladders problems of any user of codeforces, If you found some bugs or have any opinion about new features please tell me as you know this is first version and I will work for better version.


  1. You can see the list of problem without introduce your user handle.
  2. If you want to see your progress just introduce your user handle.
  3. If you submit any problem this web app is making request to codeforces API that means that your progress must update and reflected in table and user information without refresh the web page.

 Desktop view

 Mobile view

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