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(Sorry if sometimes you don't understand me but I am still learning English)

Hello my name is Juan! I am from Venezuela and I just decided to start a blog here on CodeForces!I don't really know what I am going to talk about but I just wanted to say to the world "Here I come!".

I've been learning how to code since I was little but exactly in fall October of 2019 I discovered this amazing world of competitive programming! It has been amazing so far I've learn really cool things and I've improved a lot thru this months! I am really thankful to rubmary, lmn0x4F and sam721, who have been training me since the beginning. They've told me to love and enjoy Competitive Programming!

One of my biggest dreams was to represent my country in a International Olympiad and now I am so happy to say that I will represent my country in the Iberoamerican Informatics and Computing Competition! also I am working so hard to make it one day to the IOI! I wanna make my country proud and show the world and my fellow Venezuelans that the education is the most important key to success.

I've also made a really cool friends in this journey, like Fighter. and elliotlarez which are going to IOI this year so good luck guys! also people like Terpodia which are working so hard on this too!

I guess this was all I wanted to say! Any recommendations? Bye! You'll be listing from me soon!

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