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By KUMAR_PRANJAL_RAI, 6 months ago, In English,

Hi Everyone,

Continuing the tradition, ACM BIT Mesra Student Chapter is conducting CodeZilla Contest in association with CodeChef on 7 September 2019. It's a 3-hour long team contest hosted on CodeChef. ACM BIT Mesra Invites members of Codeforces community to participate in CodeZilla 2019 Coding Challenge.

Timing for the event is: 7th September 21:00hrs to 8th September 00:00hrs.

Link for the same is: CodeZilla-2019

The problems for the contest are prepared by AbhiTaker, hemant, amit_redoc, A2J007, pra_nee, kartik_24 & me(KUMAR_PRANJAL_RAI) and are tested by SJ_1397, mayank1601

Top 32 teams from the online round will be invited to onsite round.

Happy Coding...!!!

See you on the leaderboard.

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