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By Kerpoo, history, 10 months ago, In English,

Hi everyone! Saba programming contest 3 is coming...

The contest will be held on April 18th at Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman (IRAN).

The contest is on-site for Iranian programmers!

The contest website

telegram channel of the contest

The contest will have 9 problems and 3 hours to solve them!

Also we have good news, this year the contest will be also held online as April Circuit'19 in 9 days for international participants and there will be prizes too , it will be held on Hackerearth website on April 19th.

online contest page

To make the challenge more interesting, problems added to the contest in this order:

  • Day 0: Very-Easy, Easy, Approximation.
  • Day 1: Easy-Medium, Medium.
  • Day 4: Medium, Medium-Hard.
  • Day 6: Medium-Hard.
  • Day 9: Challenge ends.

As usual, there will be some nice prizes for the top five competitors:

  • First place: $100 Amazon gift card + HE t-shirt.
  • Second place: $75 Amazon gift card + HE t-shirt.
  • Third place: $50 Amazon gift card + HE t-shirrt.
  • Fourth place: HE t-shirt.
  • Fifth place: HE t-shirt.

The online and on-site contests have 7 common problems that all of them have been prepared by me, manisadati, Mohammadsh, Danial Mohammadi, Dalgerok (Approximation problem) and tested by Danial Erfanian.

Saba invites you to participate at the on-site contest if you’re from IRAN and to participate the online contest if you’re an international participant.

We’ve spent a lot time to design good problems for the participants , saba and hackerearth hope to see as many as possible contestants at both contests!

We are hoping to hold the contest on a global scale for the next year!

Saba programming contest team thanks Dalgerok for preparing Approximation problem and Danial for his valuable work with the problem testing and special thanks to Hackerearth for hosting our contest and their help!

P.S: The online contest start time has been changed from April 19'th to April 26'th!

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By Kerpoo, history, 3 years ago, In English,

I love this implementation of Edmond's Blossoms :-)

Edmond's Blossoms algorithm give a maximum matching in general graphs (non-bipartite)


thanks a lot to

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