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By LGM, 6 years ago, In English,

We have recently opened an online dance club. It's no usual club I tell ya, It's only open to programmers and coders like you guys. It's named the "Malek dance club". In this club we teach and learn all types of dance, ballet, modern, classical, traditional, etc.. along with coding and problem solving.

To join this club is as easy as ABC,actually you need no more than a codeforces account to join it. Simply point to settings -> social .type "Malek dance club" in the "organization" field and you're done.

Life = Code + Dance

Association of code-dancers — ACD

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By LGM, 8 years ago, In English,

Here are some details of this CodeChef Cook-Off:

Date : Sunday, 21st August, 2011
Time : 9:30pm to 12:00 am (Indian Standard Time)
Problems : 5 problems
Problem Setter : Anil Kishore and Harsha S
Contest Link : http://www.codechef.com/COOK13/

Good Luck to All!

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By LGM, 9 years ago, In English,

I am glad to invite you to participate in Codeforces Beta Round #57 (Div. 2).
Today's Contest was prepared by Amir Goharshady and Me.

We are thankful to Mike Mirzayanov , Artem Rakhov , Gerald Agapov , Mohammad Javad Naderi , Saeed Ilchi and Maria Belova.

Today's contest is dedicated to Khaje Nasir Tusi (Great Persian mathematician) since today is the national day of engineering in Iran.

Today for the first time in Codeforces we have Persian statements available for download.
You can download PDF version of statement from this link when the contest starts:

Have a good contest.

Alireza Farhadi and Amir Goharshady

نسخه پارسی این پست را در اینجا ببینید


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