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Hello Codeforces Community!

I would like to invite you to take part in Ittiam "Think" Challenge, scheduled to start on the 13th of August at 12:00 PM IST.

You will be treated with some interesting set of problems which are set by _AJ_, AlexandruValeanu, saatwik27 and send_nodes. It was real challenge to solve and test them for me(Paradox1).

So get your weekend booked to solve some intriguing problems. The contest will be slightly on the harder side, few challenging problems for high experts and div1 contestants, but others too will find them interesting. So buckle up for maximum participation, as there are great prizes to be won.

I hope you will enjoy solving the problems. You can discuss and provide feedback about them in comment section below after the contest.

UPD : Note that prizes will only be for Indians. In addition, keeping up with previous issues with challenges with prizes, this is an open challenge running for 7 hours, without any slots, with a better problemset, to ensure the prizes to go the people who deserve them.

UPD2 : The Contest has ended, Congrats to the winners.

  1. zscoder
  2. tanujkhattar
  3. rajat1603
  4. satyaki3794
  5. Vikram Singh Panwar

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By Paradox1, history, 8 months ago, In English,

Hello Codeforces Community!

I invite you all to take part in HackerEarth's April Easy, scheduled on the 1st of April at 21:30 IST.

Problems have been set by satyaki3794 and tested by me(Paradox1). We are grateful to HackerEarth admins belowthebelt and r3gz3n for their help.

You will be given 6 algorithmic problems to solve in 3 hours. Partial scoring will be used (you get points for passing each test case). Although the contest is targeted towards beginners, we hope even experienced problem-solvers find one or two problems to be interesting. The contest is rated and prizes will be awarded to the top 5 beginners.

The main characters of this round are Mancunian, a die-hard supporter of Manchester United Football Club and his arch-nemesis Liverbird, who supports Liverpool FC. You will help Mancunian get the better of Liverbird by solving algorithmic problems. Good luck and have fun

UPD: Contest has ended. Editorials are out. Congratulations to the top 5!

  1. rajat1603
  2. I_love_Tanya_Romanova
  3. ulna
  4. HellKitsune
  5. Nguyễn Diệp Xuân Quang

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