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Hello Codeforces community!

Me and my friend nakamura developed CFStats: a website that allows stats comparison between 2 Codeforces handles.

The comparison includes:

  • Rating graph comparison over the time (just like in Codeforces, but for 2 users)
  • All attempted (but unsolved) problems by each handle
  • Problems solved by tag by each handle
  • Unique problems solved by each handle
  • Problems that both handles solved
  • Contests that each user participated
  • Contests in which both handles participated (and their respective positions)

And we will be more than glad to introduce more features! We are open for your suggestions :)

Also, CFStats lets you create a profile. There, you can save:

  • Codeforces friends (so you can easily compare yourself to them with one click)
  • Problems to solve later
  • Contests to solve later

The advantage of saving such things is that every time your profile is updated a message will appear next to a solved problem/contest telling you it has been solved so you can delete it.

The code is available on GitHub!

We hope that CF Statistics will be useful for someone! If you have any bug report we will appreaciate it!

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