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Hi, Codeforces.

We have put 2014 ACM-ICPC Xi'an Regional Contest, one of this year's Chinese regional contest in Codeforces Gym.

The 2014 ACM-ICPC Asia Xi‘an Regional Contest (2014) takes place on 25 Oct 2014 — 26 Oct 2014 in Xi'an, China. The problem set was prepared by Fudan University.

Standings are translated to English by matching their team names and their registration info on ICPC official website. For those schools which didn't register on ICPC official website, I have manually "translated" (in fact, Google and Copy & Paste) their school name to English. Inform me if you found any mistake.

Problem G has slightly looser time limit than onsite contest: alternative solutions run way slower on Codeforces, while model solution runs way faster.

Thank MikeMirzayanov and Fefer_Ivan for the Codeforces Gym platform!

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