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Hi, all!

This is not Tommyr7, but the impostor behind the round (guess who I am? :P). The statements are written by me. The characters in the round feature, again, the Monogatari anime series, and to be more specific, Nisemonogatari: Fake Tale. The statements involve stories with fake things and oddities, but as per tradition, contain no spoilers. Thank you, everyone, and hope you've all enjoyed the round!

On a side note, special kudos to the best impostors of the round (except me, lol)!

Any feedback on problems and tutorials are welcome -- we look forward to doing even better in the future!

Here are hints for all problems and detailed tutorials!


Problem A
Problem B
Problem C
Problem D
Problem E


869A - The Artful Expedient

Author Tommyr7, cyand1317 / Preparation Tommyr7, cyand1317 / Tutorial cyand1317

Solution 1 (Tommyr7)
Solution 2 (cyand1317)

869B - The Eternal Immortality

Author Tommyr7 / Preparation Tommyr7 / Tutorial cyand1317

Model solution (Tommyr7)

869C - The Intriguing Obsession

Author Tommyr7 / Preparation Tommyr7 / Tutorial Tommyr7

Model solution (Tommyr7)

869D - The Overdosing Ubiquity

Author quailty / Preparation quailty / Tutorial quailty

Model solution (quailty)

869E - The Untended Antiquity

Author Tommyr7 / Preparation Tommyr7, cyand1317, visitWorld / Tutorial cyand1317

Solution 1 (visitWorld)
Solution 2 (Tommyr7)

Tommyr7: I do hope you all enjoyed yourselves during the contest. See you next time!

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By Tommyr7, history, 12 days ago, In English,

Hi, Codeforces!

I'm quite excited to invite you to Codeforces Round #439 (Div. 2) which takes place at 16:35 MSK on 6 October and lasts for two hours.

One of the five problems is created by quailty, and the others are created by me. This is our first round here.

The round couldn't have been realized without efforts of KAN and gritukan. Besides, I also want to say thanks to our testers: cyand1317, visitWorld, Nisiyama_Suzune, cdkrot and gainullin.ildar. Thanks for your help to the contest. Also, thanks to MikeMirzayanov with the fantastic Codeforces and Polygon platforms.

The contest will consist of five problems and it is rated for Div. 2 contestants. The same as before, Div. 1 contestants can take part out of competition.

The problems will feature... Well, let's wait and see for another time ;) As per Codeforces tradition, moderate length text and no spoilers about the actual plot.

I hope you can have fun during the contest. Good luck and have fun, wish you high rating!

The scoring distribution will be announced later.

See you tomorrow!

UPD1 : The scoring distribution is 500-1000-1500-2250-2500.

UPD2 : The contest is over. The editorial is available.

UPD3 : Congratulations to top five coders!

Division 2 :

  1. 1heart2plans (solved all problems!)
  2. fatice
  3. LuckyPants
  4. xza
  5. T404

Division 1 + Division 2 :

  1. 1heart2plans (solved all problems!)
  2. unused
  3. fatice
  4. nuip
  5. chemthan

Have fun! See you next time! (Let's wait and see...)

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