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Zharaskhan's blog

By Zharaskhan, 5 years ago, In English,

Hello everyone!

I am collecting information about judge systems, which are relatively freely available

Please if you have some informations or remarks write a comment.

Name Site Platform IOI support License Comments
Ejudge Linux Yes GPL
PCMS2 Windows Yes ? Nor support neither documentation is now provided for it
DOMjudge Linux No GPL v2
Contester Windows, Linux No Proprietary Available in English after installing
PC^2 Windows, Linux, Mac, etc No ?
CMS Linux Yes AGPL-3+
Sharif Judge Linux No GPL v3
Tester Windows Yes ?
ACMserver Windows No ?
BOCA Linux No GPL v3 it is used in most (if not all) Latin America ACM-ICPC Regional contests
Mooshak Linux Yes Artistic license
DMOJ ? ? GPL v3
acm Linux, Solaris No ?
Moe Linux Yes GPL v2

P.S: Took some information from this site

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