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_overrated_'s blog

By _overrated_, history, 3 months ago, In English,

There are many blogs about subtasks. After almost every round the participants discuss the subtasks and their scoring distribution. Sometimes even contest author doesn't want to see subtasks in his round, but they show up there against his opinion.

But so far people who don't like subtasks have not received a worthy answer from administration or MikeMirzayanov.

I want the administration to understand that many authoritative users are against subtasks(If it is not clear from this blog).

So I encourage everyone who reads this blog and who doesn't like subtasks to write "+" in comments. Also if you like subtasks please respect other opinions and don't dislike comments. You can just dislike this blog.

UPD I am really sorry you got so many dislikes. I can guess that this dislikes were put by bots.

UPD2 Definitely it was bots. Every comment got +9 in couple minutes.

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