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Here’s my Codeforces Year in Review 2020! Get a glimpse into my Competitiveprogramming journey over the last twelve months:


Go check yours here: https://gameofcodes.herokuapp.com/annual-report/index.html

I and Lord_Invincible have been working on this annual report of your progress on #codeforces which gives deep analysis and badges based on your performance in 2020.

I got these 3 badges:

  • Thor (1 star) (For the number of questions done)

  • Captain (1 star) (For the length of the longest streak)

  • Hulk (1 star) (For doing 11 questions in 1 day)

Any suggestions for improving the tool would be appreciated.

Do share yours in the comments. :)

UPD: Hey, Just wanted to share the brand new promo video of the site. Just see this 1 min video and enjoy the music!


Do Share it if you like it!

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Hey Fellow Coders!

I am really excited to share that we have reached 1000+ members on Game Of Codes. Thanks for your overwhelming response!

I have added some new features listed here:

  • Bookmarks: Now you can bookmark questions and see them in bookmarks section.

  • Login as Guest: Now, you can login as guest, but when logged in as a guest, you won't be able to set targets, add bookmarks, play one v one coding fights in codeblast.

  • Visualizers: Added sorting visualizers and path finding visualizers with amazing theory on the side bar.

If you haven't registered yet, register here and make your competitive journey much more exciting: Game Of CODES

Once again thanks for the support and I am working on errors you all have reported. Also, there is a very big surprise waiting for you, so stay connected!

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By abdude824, 4 months ago, In English

Hey fellow Coders! Are you a fan of Codeforces and love to solve competitive programming questions? Or you are preparing for a FAANG interview? Nevertheless, you would need Competitive Coding and a good rating at Codeforces to show off. But this is a skill that requires speed, accuracy and a hell lot of practice to improve your rating. But a lot of times hardwork doesn't work here and here is what I made you to get cover:

The Game of CODES or simply GOC, is a tool which not only analyze your performance but also recommend you questions based on your weak and strong topics! You can train them, track your consistency, do one vs one coding fights with your friends, and much more.

You can also set daily targets on basis of the difficulty of the questions. As we all know that doing more number of questions is not perhaps the best strategy. Instead doing harder ones is a better strategy. Now you can add targets for sum of rating of questions you do in one day. For example if you do two questions of 800 and 1000 rating the sum would be 1800.

Excited? So head to beat yourselves on : https://gameofcodes.herokuapp.com.

Also, there are a ton of features like community support, visualizers, and a much more to be added, so stay tuned!

Please give it a try and your constructive criticism is highly appreciated.

P.S.: There is even much more to come. Please do not judge me on my rating, I am just a redskull, guiding others to a treasure I cannot possess...

Here is a video link of the tour of the site:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuQeYr8NDRU

Some Screenshots:

screenshot screenshot2 screenshot3

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