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Hello everyone,

I would like to invite you to participate in a contest on Codechef. The contest is being organised by Programming Club IIT Kanpur. This is our second monthly contest. It is a 5 hours long "Individual" contest scheduled to start at 19:00 IST on 21/01/2015 (Wednesday) check here for the exact time for you. The contest has been prepared by me , triveni and patch_adams. We would also like to thank PraveenDhinwa for helping us prepare this round.

You can see the previous contest here : http://www.codechef.com/WPC1401
Contest link is : http://www.codechef.com/WPC1501

Top 8 student performers Globally and 7 from IIT Kanpur will get Codechef Goodies :)

Expecting a grand participation!

Hope you will enjoy the problems !

Best of Luck and Happy Coding !

EDIT 1 :: Contest starts in 5 minutes :) . Good Luck !!

EDIT 2 :: The contest is over! !

Congratulations to lebron for winning the contest.

Congratulations to thenextgen for topping the Indian tally.

And last but not the least congratulations to myselfmanish who ranked best among IIT Kanpur students.

And Congratulations to all my fellow coders for making this event successful.

Please give us some unbiased reviews about the contest here. It will help us organizing the contest in much better way next time.

Final Stats about the contest::

Total Users/Teams who have made a submission: 1504

Total Submissions: 9017

Number of distinct users/teams with correct submissions: 1047

Total users from India: 1435

Total users not from India: 69

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