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1 month CP journey

I attempted div 2 rounds on Codeforces but was not able to solve even the first one for many consecutive rounds so thought of first learning topics and then take part in contests, Been focusing on practicing only now. Tried giving all the contests on CodeChef though despite getting a rating lower than 850, I don't know why in May Long div 4 even after solving 4 problems ( my personal best tbh ), I got 6635 rank. Tbh I really feel stupid/dumb/low IQ as I am been stuck in 1 star since 1 month and find Codeforces 800 rating problems really hard.

My Learnings

  • Upsolving is your best weapon, I learnt new topics and approaches. And realised how complicated/dumb code I write.
  • Give time to a problem before reading the editorial. I sometimes jump directly to editorials :/

So, yeah that's it. If you have think I am doing something wrong please do guide this 1 star/newbie !

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