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I have issue in question named as C. Rumor -893C, link :- I think that i have understand the questions basic as we have to find number of component in graph with minimum price of component and simply we have to do addition i on them. I have come up with pretty good solution but test case 8 getting fail. can you help me where is the problem lies in my code.


using namespace std;

typedef long long ll;

int solve(){ ll n,m; cin>>n>>m; ll a[n]; for(ll i=0;i<n;i++) cin>>a[i]; for(ll i=0;i<m;i++){ ll x,y; cin>>x>>y; x--;y--; ll t=min(a[x],a[y]); a[x]=t; a[y]=0; } ll res=0; for(ll i=0;i<n;i++) res+=a[i]; cout<<res<<endl; return 0; }

int main(){ ll t=1; //cin>>t; while(t--) solve(); return 0; }

submission link:- thanks in advance.

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