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Hi everyone.

I need to make a project for one of my university courses and myself and other guys want to make a 'competitive programming coach platform' of some sorts.

Our main idea is to use all the problems which are currently on the platforms and analyse them with AI (buzz words, I know) and give them a wider range of difficulty. For example, a problem may require a big understanding of graphs and some little math and data-structures (like stack and gcd). We want to say this for every problem and when someone wants to train a particular area we will suggest problems that will 'improve' only that part or hopefully do this, meaning that the other parts should not be a problem in solving the task as he/she already possesses enough skill points in that expertise.

For example, I really such at geometry so any geometry problem would somehow improve this area for myself. My question here is: What would you expect of such platform? What it should do and what is shouldn't?

I'm not going to say a lot about our vision of the 'platform' since it may influence you in any way. The main idea is that we want to take the information on the web recommending competitive programming and filter and suggest it to people.

Please, if you could give us some feedback regarding what would you expect, what we shouldn't do and maybe what is already done but it can be done better — ex: more social parts of competitive programming like facebook of some sorts.

Would you use something like this? Why? Why not?

This is really important for us since this study case/user expectations part would be needed to present to a teaches as part of our assignment.

If you wish, you could send this feedback as a private message to myself. Whatever's comfortable for you.

Thanks again everyone!

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