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By atsumumiya, 14 months ago, In English

I would like to know which oj has problemsets to better prepare for ICPC. ICPC being a 5 hour contest requires different set of questions to practice. I see that often Div2/3 contests tend to become typing contests and that is not good for practice. Though very late I realized that codeforces contests were a bad way to prepare for ICPC. I am not saying codeforces contests are bad. They just fail to serve the purpose here. I would like to know apart from the gym contests in codeforces, which I agree is a great way to prepare for ICPC, what OJs you use for practice. I tend to see not everyone with a high rating here has high number of successful submissions in codeforces, which means they must be using other OJs. It will be great for the community to know.

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