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Hello Everyone!

Indonesia will hold National Olympiad in Informatics next week (May 19th — May 21th 2015) in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The contest consists of three separated contests:

  • Day 0 (Practice Contest): Tuesday, May 19th 15.00 — 17.00 (UTC +7)
  • Day 1: Wednesday, May 20th 08.30 — 13.30 (UTC +7)
  • Day 2: Thursday, May 21th 08.30 — 13.30 (UTC +7)

We want everyone to try solving the problems by participating the Open Contest! The Open Contest will be held in

There will be three different contests, one for each day. You may participate them separately (e.g. only participate in Day 1 and Day 2, but not in Day 0), but we expect you to join them all. All of them are virtual contests, which means that you can start anytime according to your preferred time, but still within the time limit. The Open Contest will start after a delay from the real contest. Here are the schedule and details for the Open Contest:

All times are in UTC +7.

Several notes:

  • No medals/certificates will be awarded to Open Contest participants.
  • Each contest will have 3-4 IOI-styled problems.
  • Problem statements will be provided in English and Indonesia.
  • UPD There is a submission limit of 20 for each problem (instead of 30).
  • UPD We extend the registration time until an hour before the contest ends.

UPD: Thanks for all people who participated in the Open Contest, despite of the euphoria of the World Finals.

UPD: The results are now published! You may find them here:, inside the "Open OSN International" tab. A little summary:

  • There are 34 people in this category who at least submit something. The registrants who didn't submit anything will not appear in the scoreboard.
  • 5 of them get full 600 points.

Once again, thanks for your participation!

Indonesian National Olympiad in Informatics Committee

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