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Lets first give the introduction of these two DUMBOS.

BABBAR: Runs a YouTube channel having 300K+ subscribers

ANUJ BHAIYA: Runs a YouTube channel having 170k+ subs.

Who am I?

Ans: I am also among one of the YouTubers who belong to the company Amazon.

Why am I writing this post?

Ans: I am wanting to clear the misconception that they have spread about the company, and how they are misusing there wrong doings to wrongly influence people to do wrong tasks.


Recently Babbar posted that he will be resigning Amazon. Next Anuj posts that Amazon asked him to choose YouTube or Amazon, and he makes a video that he left Amazon for students. The moment Anuj released the video, Babbar felt he will loose out on fame, so within an hour, he posted on Linkedin that he also stood with 3L students over Amazon. The screenshots of these things are below..

Time for EXPOSE:

  • I reached out to the teammates of Babbar and Anuj, and got the insider infos which are listed below:

  • Babbar's performance was not upto the mark, hence his youtube channel was reported, which was then looked after. On a norm, every Amazon engineer gets promoted to SDE 2 in the month of March roughly after 1.10 years of his joining if he joined as fresher. Babbar got 7% increment in his first year, and in 2nd year a 8% increment, whereas his mates who joined along him were promoted to SDE-2. Anuj recently joined and he did not complete any of the tasks given to him on deadline.

  • Anuj and Babbar both violated Amazon's compliance by making a vlog of the entire Office, which caught the eyes as they had views in Lacs.

  • Both of them repeatedly used Amazon's logo in thumbnails and titles to attract newbies every month.

PS: Both reportedly took a lot of videos private, and changes titles thumbnails. From "AMAZON engineer" to "Software Developer".

  • Babbar recorded couple of videos, one was solving leetcode during office hours, and one more was showing the entire on-call procedure where a part of internal amazon video call in chime was also shown which is illegal by all means.

  • Use of office laptop, to edit shoot and do all other stuffs specifically during office hours.

  • Use of sponsorships in videos which had use of Amazon logos in thumbnail and title.

  • Babbar was interviewing with Google, he was rejected in the first round only. He mentioned it in his video that his video, his resume was selected at Google. He then interviewed with Microsoft, and will be joining it.

  • Anuj and Babbar both have been repeatedly mentioning that they are helping students. Agreed, but why are you lying to them. You never took a stand for them. Anuj started DSA course one year back, and has uploaded just 40 videos, and has uploaded 70+ so called gyan and unboxing videos.

  • Babbar took a stand for students, LOLLLL. What has he done on a substance till date except roadmaps? He is joining MS but he is misusing the word "stand for you" and milking sympathy.

  • Lastly, Anuj mentioned he is earning 1/4th of Amazon salary. Babbar is also repeatedly stating that he is earning less. Anuj charges 60-80k for a sponsorship, while Babbar charges 75K-1.25L for a single sponsorship. Logically their earning at Youtube is 4x/5x than Amazon. Anuj also does Unacademy where he takes a massive per hour rate. Why are you people fooling the innocent students by making "AMAZON" down, and showing you are some "MESSIAHHH".

Amazon did not fire them, amazon asked them to give a written statement on why they did that. Amazon never interfered on their channel's content. We have other youtubers along with me, anshika, soumyajit, codeskool, riddhi and others, who were not questioned by any one. Babbar resigned as he was to join Microsoft, but he saw this as a perfect setup to gain views, subscribers, and reach. Anuj at the other hand is earning 4x of what he was doing at Amazon, he followed Chaman Dhattarwal's path.

Anuj still puts a bit of sensible content, but this Babbar has just used "AMAZON" tag to guide students. Irony is, a person who has never has done CP guides how to do CP, a person from tier 1 guides how to get off campus placements to tier 3 people. Sadly but the audience is such a FOOL.

Babbar's upcoming videos:

  • Why I left Amazon ?

  • How I cracked Microsoft ?

  • First day at Microsoft.

  • Amazon vs Microsoft work culture

  • Unboxing Microsoft Goodies.

And this is what they call the so called STAND for STUDENTS! India has 3L+ FOOLS, SADLY!

Build your own Brand, stop using Company's name! Amazon is one of the best companies I have worked for till date!

They found a perfect setup, to use sympathy by fooling innocent students that they left for them. Please share this blog so that the students are not fooled.

Reason of uploading this on Codeforces and not on Linkedin ?

Ans: I don't have so many followers there, and even if I make a video, their audience is so noob that they will destroy my inbox as they are doing here at codeforces. Here, you get equal reach if you have a valid point, and I feel it was the need of the hour. Kudos to Codeforces for sharing this post!

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