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ZOJ Monthly, January 2019 will be held on Saturday (time). The main problem setters are chenjb and Claris.

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It will last for 5 hours and have 8-9 problems in total. Since there is no rating system(Thanks to MudCoal, we may have one in the future) in our Zhejiang University Online Judge, it will be unrated. And I guess the difficulty is as a normal Educational Contest in Codeforces.

All problem ideas come from members of Zhejiang University Programming Contest Setting Team and most of them have already been used in the Internal Member-Selection Contests in ZJU held in July, 2018. They have been carefully selected, modified, tested by our problem setters and rearranged into this Monthly contest eventually.

Special thanks to Claris for helping me testing problems, modifying the content and some other matters. He even gives better and stronger solutions to some problems, which make them more interesting and challenging. I am very grateful.

Also thank Tsreaper and shb123 for the help and zimpha, lyk248289469, Heltion, HbFS-, johann_wang, Onlynagesha, zhhhplus, etc for their ideas.

There have been less ZOJ Monthly Contests these years. Therefore, we cherish every chance and wish to make every Monthly contest as good as possible. I really hope all of you can enjoy this contest. Can't wait to see you guys on Saturday!

UPD: The contest will begin in less than 9 hours and there will be 9 problems in total. If you have any question about the contest, please make comments under this blog. And please not to discuss about the solution until the contest ends.

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