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By dorijanlendvaj, history, 8 months ago, In English,

So, I made a task for my mashup with 1300 test cases. Verification was OK and I was able to package it. However, when judging solutions that weren't submitted from "Submit package solutions" i got Judgement failed(the package ones got 1300 points right away). Here's an example log: . I noticed "Data too long for column 'judgeProtocol' at row 1" at several places, so is the only fix to have less test cases? If so, then is there a fixed limit for the number of test cases?

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By dorijanlendvaj, history, 11 months ago, In English,

So, I just made a new interactive task for my mashup contest, submitted an awful solution that should get about 100 points, and I see "Partial result: 0 points". I scroll down to see that I indeed got some points on the test cases. Why is the result 0 points? Video for explanation: here. The links for the codes for the checker and interactor are in the description of that video. Also, is there a way to initialize testlib's RNG with a seed besides something like this?

char **ar=argv;

EDIT: So, apparently testlib automatically puts a random seed to the command line. So, I removed the seed part of the interactor code, but of course the problem still persists.

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