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By enot110, history, 21 month(s) ago, In Russian,

Всем привет!

АСМ карьера кончилась и я решил запустить канал на ютубе с фишечками и другим контентом! Пока что в планах выпускать видео, больше ориентированные на div 1 (ведь по простым темам уже есть 100500+ разных видосов)

Все срочно ставим лайк и подписываемся на канал, чтобы не пропустить следующий выпуск!

P. S. А если хотите предложить свою фишку, то пишите мне в личку (на кф или в вк)

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By enot110, 2 years ago, translation, In English,


Today, team of three ACM ICPC World Champions (enot110, izban, -XraY-) and two WCPS coaches (Aksenov239 и GShark) will throw games in Dota 2 and everything will be live on twitch!

When: start approximately 21-22 MSK, have plans to play all night (or until we are exhausted)

Stream here:

We will mostly speak russian (since in-game communications are very important), but will answer any english questions written in chat! Don't forget to use tag @enot110, so this messages will be highlighted for us and we will answer quickier on them

P. S. don't expect high-skill plays from us, but we will crush 2k mmr pubs

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By enot110, history, 3 years ago, In English,

Tired of going through 30+ pages of standings on atcoder in attemps to find someone by their handle?

There is no "search by handle" function at atcoder?

You miss "friends" feature at atcoder?

Here is a LIFEHACK, how you can find someone in standings easily!


  1. Open random page with standings
  2. Press Ctrl+U in chrome (or some other hotkey to view source code of the page)
  3. Now you have a full rating! Just press Ctrl+F (again, in chrome) and look for your friend!
  4. Profit! Now just go and upvote this post

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By enot110, history, 3 years ago, translation, In English,

Hello, Codeforces!

I would like to invite you to participate in a new csacademy contest. Round #9 will take place on Tuesday, July/26/2016 16:00 (UTC). I will be one of the problem setters of these round, together with mgch and the CSA team. This round will also feature some money prizes, as follows:

  • First place: 125$
  • Second place: 100$
  • Third place: 75$
  • Fourth and fifth place: 50$
  • Two more special prizes, each consisting of 50$. The criteria for the special prizes is not chosen yet, but we will make it public after the contest.

This round will also feature problem statements in Russian. Many thanks to Yury_Bandarchuk for doing all the translation work!

Contest format:

  • You will have to solve 7 tasks in 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  • There will be full feedback throughout the entire contest.
  • Tasks will not have partial scoring, so you need to pass all test cases for a solution to count (ACM-ICPC-style).
  • Tasks will have dynamic scores. According to the number of users that solve a problem the score will vary between 100 and 1000.
  • Besides the score, each user will also get a penalty that is going to be used as a tie breaker.

About the penalty system:

  • Computed using the following formula: the minute of the last accepted solution + the penalty for each solved task. The penalty for a solved task is equal to log2 (no_of_submissions) * 5.
  • Solutions that don't compile or don't pass the example test cases are ignored.
  • Once you solve a task you can still resubmit. All the following solutions will be ignored for both the score and the penalty.

The CSA team still recommends using an updated version of Google Chrome. If you find any bugs please email them at

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By enot110, history, 4 years ago, In English,

Looks like noone has already done this. Here is top100 of the most popular users on the codeforces.

(the list contains only users from top200 by rating or top200 by contribution)

# User Followers
1 tourist 4721
2 Petr 2351
3 rng_58 1472
4 WJMZBMR 1431
5 Egor 974
6 ahmed_aly 886
7 xiaodao 825
8 I_love_Tanya_Romanova 797
9 ACRush 790
10 dreamoon 786
11 yeputons 709
12 ftiasch 659
13 niyaznigmatul 655
14 adurysk 617
15 scott_wu 615
16 sevenkplus 569
17 cgy4ever 527
18 PrinceOfPersia 523
19 worse 522
20 subscriber 501
21 darkshadows 484
22 TooSimple 483
23 0O0o00OO0Oo0o0Oo 475
24 vepifanov 453
25 xorfire 451
26 Haghani 447
27 PavelKunyavskiy 440
28 Rubanenko 420
29 mathlover 415
30 matrix 414
31 Sereja 404
32 Endagorion 393
33 uwi 390
34 I_love_Hoang_Yen 385
35 mruxim 383
36 Burunduk1 380
37 mR.ilchi 378
38 Xellos 366
39 TankEngineer 362
40 qwerty787788 346
41 forthright48 338
42 I_lost_my_handle 333
43 sd0061 318
44 KADR 317
45 vfleaking 312
46 bmerry 306
47 andrewzta 304
48 AmrMahmoud 289
49 anta 284
50 akulsareen 282
51 Gerald 281
52 langtrunghieu 278
53 sdya 274
54 kingofnumbers 274
55 JeBeK 266
56 -XraY- 259
57 Swistakk 249
58 KAN 247
59 skyvn97 245
60 ikbal 245
61 kien_coi_1997 242
62 RAVEman 240
63 adamant 237
64 DamonSalvatore 235
65 GlebsHP 234
66 eatmore 233
67 cerealguy 230
68 jcvb 229
69 Temirulan 226
70 ffao 224
71 Madiyar 223
72 Gassa 221
73 M.Mahdi 220
74 na2a 210
75 AngryBacon 210
76 Enchom 209
77 DemiGuo 209
78 Fefer_Ivan 205
79 al13n 204
80 Shik 202
81 ADJA 202
82 vlad107 201
83 sankear 201
84 RAD 201
85 jonathanirvings 198
86 winger 197
87 Milanin 196
88 fushar 194
89 witua 190
90 ifsmirnov 185
91 sorry_dreamoon 184
92 overtroll 183
93 Romka 183
94 rowdark 182
95 aropan 182
96 romanandreev 181
97 tmt514 179
98 kennethsnow 177
99 Z0RR0 175
100 Belonogov 175

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By enot110, history, 4 years ago, In English,

I just wanna point out the problem, that these two contests (codeforces round 325 and topcoder srm 670) will be at Saturday at the same time.

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By enot110, 4 years ago, In English,


Today I'm proud to announce that I'm starting regular streams on twitch. On these streams I'm going to solve timus tasks (maybe other archives later) as a part of my trainings. Of course, I'll try to comment what I'm doing.

To give it even more action, I'm introducing to you challenges. Pick your favorite(or maybe not) problem on timus with at least 1000 authors and write its ID to the chat. If you are lucky, I'll pick your problem. If I get AC in 30 minutes -- I win(nothing happens), otherwise you win and I'll do 10 push ups =) (at least, I'll get in shape)

The first stream starts today at 20:00 MSK and lasts till sleepy time.

I'll try to comment in english. Unfortunately, my english is bad, it's not my native language. If I face a lot of troubles with this, I'll switch to russian.

The link to the stream.

Stay tuned!

UPD. Thanks guys, that was really amazing. The second stream is gonna be today at the same time (20:00 MSK)

During 5,5 hours I've solved 20 problems and haven't solved another 2 (failed on 1004 and 1873). So the current score is 20:2. So I've already done 20 push ups =) Come on guys, there are a lot of not-easy problems among problems with at least 1000 authors! I'll think about reducing the limit of 1000 authors, but let's try one more time.

I've uploaded screencast from the first stream on youtube. But the screencast misses the very important part of the stream -- the chat. So it's much better to watch the stream live than as an offline record.

Also, don't forget to follow my channel on twitch to be able to get notifications when the stream starts. Good luck!

UPD 2. Looks like, this challenge system was boring enough, so as my stream (I have lost only 4 times). So, I am introducing to you the new system. Now, you can choose problem on timus with at least {balance} authors. What's the balance? By the start of the stream it's 800. If I win challenge it decreases by 50 authors. If I lose it increases by 50 authors. So, now it's almost impossible to see the score 10-1 at my stream.

Today's stream will be at 22:30 MSK. Come!

UPD 3. 25-06-2015 For those, who are not sleeping at night, or just at the other end of the world, stream starts in 20 minutes!!
At 03:50 MSK

UPD 4. 01-07-2015 Today is the stream day. Stream starts at 23:00 MSK

UPD 5. 02-07-2015 Exclusive stream with subscriber!!! Start at 21:45 MSK

UPD 6. 21-07-2015 Streams are back. Start at 00:00 MSK

UPD 7. 19-08-2015 Stream starts at 00:00 MSK . Feel free to prepare some problems with >= 400 authors =)

UPD 8. 01-10-2015 STREAM!! Starts at 00:00 MSK.

UPD 9. 08-10-2015 Streaming mathfights with commentary. Starts at 20:00 MSK.

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By enot110, 5 years ago, In Russian,

Всем привет! Я всю жизнь использовал windows и far manager для написания кода. Он очень шустрый, позволяет сразу делать много вещей, быстро смотреть/изменять input/output файлы, чекать консоль и многое-многое другое. Но, недавно созрела мысль "хочу полностью перейти на линукс", и то, что меня в этом больше всего останавливает -- я не знаю как в нем писать контесты так же удобно, как в винде. Полных аналогов фара под линуксом нету. (если есть, то можете мне о них рассказать, если это не Midnight Commander)

Поэтому, ищу текстовый редактор, который будет подходить под максимальное число требований:

  • максимально-шустрый (я к этому очень чувствителен, если будет задержка в лишние 0,1 сек между переключениями вкладок, я ее замечу)
  • возможность рассплитить экран на несколько частей (хочу слева писать код, справа-сверху входной файл, справа-снизу выходной)
  • курсор может свободно находиться за пределами конца строки (в far-е это называется cursor beyond end of line)
  • с интуитивно-понятным и удобным-стандартным интерфейсом (vim не предлагать)
  • конечно же, должна быть подсветка синтаксиса
  • желательно, хотя бы базовое автодополнение, но это не обязательно


  • если легко будут настраиваться макросы (нажал F7, у тебя все скомпилировалось), это будет плюсом
  • легко настраиваемый -- например, можно легко поменять colorscheme или шрифт, если не нравится
  • можно сделать курсор "горизонтальным"
  • подсветка столбца, в котором находится курсор (в фаре эта опция называется cross, чтобы ее включить нужно прожмякать f9-o-u-c и поставить галочку)
  • можно включить автоматический перевод всех tab-ов в пробелы, но это не обязательно

Что используют линуксойды, чтобы писать контесты? В первую очередь, хочется услышать мнения тех, кто использовал far для контестов и знают, насколько он удобен.

P. S. Требования "нужно то, что можно юзать на финале" нету.

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By enot110, 6 years ago, In Russian,

Доброго времени суток!

После черного дня кодефорсес (а может и за некоторое время до) у меня перестала работать авторизация через vk, приходится каждый раз входить через gmail. Кто-нибудь еще сталкивался с этой проблемой?

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