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The fourth part that you should keep in mind when you plan and strategize is up-solving. This is one of the things that will make you stand different from others. The efforts you put really matter. Most people do not have the habit of up-solving, but this is where you will sharpen your swords.

You should try to solve the problems that you are not able to solve during the contests but you are capable of doing, seeing your past performances. The Doability of a problem also depends on what topics you know. It might happen that the level of the problem was not that high, but you weren’t able to do that because you didn’t know about the concepts used in that. There is totally no need to get worried about that. Of course, you are in the learning process and you are going to learn that topic whenever it comes to your list. Till then either you decide to learn that topic immediately, or you leave that question and do it afterward when you learn the topic. You should try to solve the other questions which seem doable during up-solving and your attitude should be that, now if I see any question of this kind, I’d do it easily. That’s how you grow as a programmer.

It does happen a lot of times that during up-solving you don’t get the logic in the editorial. But you shouldn’t be worried, it’s ok to skip a question that doesn’t get in your head right. Maybe it’s not the time that you are able to do such a question. You’ll come around when you grow as a programmer. That’s what I followed. I never took pressure. It is the most important thing that you remain calm. Also, don’t ever take the pressure of a problem. If you are not able to do it even in 2 hours, then just leave it. It would just demotivate you. Think about a problem as long as you can remain calm and don’t get irritated by it. The moment you get irritated, just look at the solution. If you still don’t get it, ask a friend for help or just leave it if you still don’t get it. Upsolving is all about trying, to see what you could have done, nothing else. So don’t take a lot of pressure about up-solving, it is mainly about practice, so do it like a practice.

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While upsolving, should we first look at tags or start solving again as the same wrong logic is stuck in our mind. And while practicing hard questions initially, we have to look for solutions but for me, it has been happening for a long time now. Can you tell me how to level up myself? And Thank you for this blog.

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    If you have given some time to a problem, then you can look at the tag and then try to solve it again.

    And about hard problems, the level can only increase by practice. And don't just look at the full solution. Try taking small hints from the solution and then try.