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Looking for a fun place to practice your coding skills? Then join us for Coding Practice with Kick Start #2 – a four-day practice session starting Monday, June 27 and ending Friday, July 1.

What is Coding Practice with Kick Start? Kick Start’s beginner-friendly practice session provides you the opportunity to try out our Googler-created problems without the pressure of a timed round or scoreboard. Only you can see your results. To get you started, we provide starter code in several coding languages to help you frame your solution and Google engineers available to answer any questions. At the end of the week, join us for the problem walkthrough livestream on Friday, July 1 at 3:00 UTC, where Google engineers will walk you through detailed problem solutions.

This session is for you if you are:

  • new to competitive programming
  • looking to boost your skills before the next Kick Start round
  • eager to learn something new
  • interested in connecting with a global community

Before Coding Practice with Kick Start begins, we recommend reviewing this Google Keyword Blog about the session and watching our Problem and Platform Tutorial, which details features of the Kick Start platform and tips on how to solve a problem.

We hope you’ll join us for some coding practice!

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I have a doubt in the last problem in this Coding Practice with Kick Start Session #2.

I have viewed the contest discussion videos, but I just want to know what's wrong in my approach.

I just want to know why my approach does not works in this case, if anyone can came up with a test case where my approach fails, that would be awesome.

Problem: Parcels

My approach => I found a cell with the highest cost to reach there(using multi source bfs) and then created a station there and then calculates the cost again with same multi source bfs approach.