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Please do not downvote this post unnecessarily if you don't like it please ignore it but please don't downvote this because if you downvote this this post never be trending and i won't be getting the response i need and this post means a lot and the info i want to get is very important for me and it might help to make correct choices.

Actually if you are from indian audience you are happy to respond as many of you are having campus placements like me and as in our placements there are tough competitive programming questions and not typical leetcode questions i have lot of doubts here.I don't know about foreign placements or OA's but even if you came across competitive programming questions in OA please do share your thoughts and i think you might come across these mainly in codesignal or hackerrank.

I am a leetcoder solved nearly 1300 problems in leetcode.Actually i used to give contests before but i left them and been doing leetcode for a lot of time as campus placements are coming up.

I am going to give online assessments.I solved many problems in leetcode but i see some of the questions are not exactly like typical leetcode problems can anyone tell me some of the standard techniques i need to learn apart from doing leetcode questions so that i can maximize my chances of solving OA problems? Also can you please tell me how current OA questions are like as you may see or gave online assessments.And is there more adhocs coming on online assessment?

Also Other than tries,segment trees,kmp,rolling hash,dp with bitmask what other advanced data structures and techniques do i need to learn to learn apart from normal dsa to crack online assessments excluding codenation,infosys?Many have given oa and saw lot of oa questions recently tell me from that experience

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