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When it comes to OI problems, I feel like there aren't much ways to practice for them. I have tried doing random USACO problems on for 6-7 months of serious practice (solving silver and old gold) and it was a fatal mistake as I wasn't practicing on it correctly so my OI contest performance fell, because I either wasted long hours on extremely hard problems, or 20 minutes on extremely easy problems. I have also tried doing CF before USACO, that increased my CF rating and increased my OI level until some point where I felt my OI level growth rate was so low relative to the amount of CF practice I've done as my OI contest performance fell. Now, I am really confused on what to do, I have tried doing OI Checklist like many people recommended but I feel it is really hard for me and I can't pick which problems to solve as when I pick one it is always too hard and I fail to solve it. I have tried VCing OI contests like previous BOIs and USACOs, but they were all too hard and I ultimately failed at gaining anything from them. So after all these attempts and failures, I want suggestions on how to practice for OI contests without solving too hard or too easy problems. I am extremely sorry for using an alt account but I don't feel like posting this on my main account for personal reasons, I hope you understand.

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