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The V BSUIR Open Programming Championship will be held from 7 till 24 April, 2015 (Minsk, Belarus). Undergraduates and postgraduates of BSUIR, students of other educational institutions, students from other universities and CIS countries are invited to participate in the Championship.

The competition will take place in three rounds:

  • first qualifying round (distance) — April 7̶-̶9̶ 10-13;

  • second qualifying round (onsite semi-final) — April 14-16;

  • Championship final — April 22-24.

Teams from the universities of near and far abroad are invited immediately to the final of the competition (no more than 2 from the same university). To participate in the Championship teams need to be registered prior to 17.04.2015 incl. Qualifying rounds (quarter-finals and semi-finals) are required only for the teams from BSUIR and high school teams. Other registered teams can also take part in the qualifying rounds.

Open BSUIR Programming Championship is held by the ACM rules. During the Championship, the teams will be given 5 hours to solve 8 to 12 programming problems. The problems are written in English. More information about the championship, as well as the problems and results of previous years, you may find at

UPD. April 5. Moved the date of first qualifying round.

UPD. May 8. Practice and virtual participation of all the stages of the championship is available on Yandex.Contest. Statements are also available on the championship website. Analysis is coming.

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Hi, will all the contests be on-site or virtual?

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    I suppose for the adjusted dates there will be only online.