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Hello everyone!

I want to invite you to participate in September Clash at HackerEarth. Contest is scheduled on September, 19. Contest duration is 24 hours, so there should be some comfortable time for every timezone :)

There will be six tasks in a problemset. Five of them are standard algorithmic problems with partial solutions allowed — you get points for every test that your solution passed. And the last task is an approximate problem — your score for this task depends on how good your solution is comparing to current best solution.

lewin is author of this problemset. He already prepared several contests at TopCoder and Codeforces, and now you'll have an opportunity to solve one at HackerEarth.

I was working on this contest as a tester. I believe it is going to be an interesting one :) And I learned some new things while helping with preparation :) I hope that several problems will be not too hard for beginners (don't give up and show your best with partial scoring; 24 hours should be enough for you to read all problems and find some tasks you can solve) while some tasks are challenging enough to make this contest interesting for more experienced contestants. shef_2318 worked on this contest as translator — you will be provided with statements in Russian also. Also I want to thank to belowthebelt for technical help and doing his best on fixing all issues, processing all our feedback and improving HackerEarth platform.

As usual, here is one more reason for you to participate in this contest:

Top5 of leaderboard will also receive some nice prizes:

  1. $100 Amazon gift card + HackerEarth T-shirt
  2. $80 Amazon gift card + HackerEarth T-shirt
  3. $50 Amazon gift card + HackerEarth T-shirt
  4. HackerEarth T-shirt
  5. HackerEarth T-shirt

Good luck to everybody — I hope to see you at the scoreboard :)

Upd. Contest has ended :) Thanks to everyone for participating :) Congratulations to winners:

1) FatalEagle

2) zeliboba

3) yarrr

4) gendelpiekel

5) anta

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Will the Top Five receive all the above listed 5 Items or just the first Item. If its all the items then that would be a tad bit many T-shirts for a single person don't you think so?

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Really sick questions by lewin.

But also, my submissions for D and E don't seem to show up on the scoreboard?... Did I do something wrong?

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    This was also happening to someone else, though they said it was solved by just waiting (I don't remember how long). We will try to look into this a bit more.

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I've uploaded all editorials for the non approximation problems. I want to give a special mention to anta for finding the randomized solution for fleet funding.

Let me know if you have any questions about it or find any mistakes in the editorial.