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Hi everybody,

I have a friend that is the owner of a programming school focused on teaching programming for children.
We are planning to start a course to prepare children for programming competitions like codeforces.
Our major doubt is: What is the best age to start competing in programming?

I've started competing with 17 years old, I think it is too late. But I'm not sure if too young children will enjoy it a lot.
It will be very pleasurable if you guys share the age that you have started competing here :)


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Well, regarding the title question, I'm inclined to say "as early as possible". I don't really think that there is a minimum age, and in my experience curious/interested enough children will really enjoy it -- especially if it gives them a chance to get away from the rote learning that is relatively common in schools. As for when to start competing, I think that as soon as they have enough experience to at least solve the easiest problem(s) and not perform too poorly. (So it would vary from competition to competition).

As for your survey, in my case I started programming when I was 12, but sadly did not discover the world of competitive programming until I was 16 (though I did participate in math olympiads before that). Looking at my profile, it seems that I created my Codeforces account when I was 17 but only started competing one year later.

By the way, I really like this project of yours -- wish you best of luck :)

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It depends how advanced the stuff you learn is. I'd say programming has no age as long as you like it.

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Tourist got his first IOI medal at the age of 11. At 6, he became interested in his parents' work. So, 6 would be a good age to start, maybe you can produce another tourist.

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Well , I will like to share my story, if you think its worth it you can give it a try....

I had a keen interest in computers at the age of may be 6-7 . At that time I didn't even knew the exact meaning of programming . All I remember is I used to write batch files as I had no internet and so I had no scope of even know what was programming and why it was done . Due to my interest I used to open console and type anything , as the console was the coolest thing at that time . With time I came to know about help command that will tell you all the function and when you use it with a switch you can force it to tell about other commans , my favourite batch file would be


md %random%

goto 1

Now , I was programming even before I knew about it ! I learnt how to copy it to startup , I came to knew about how to set up an autorun.inf such that I can copy it to some Pen drive and it will circulate. That's All I remember.

But , with time I never could move one as the scope to do something much more than creating random accounts / folders and else was little too less for me , I was kind of immature so I never knew how to go on with my interest .

Now , Since almost 1 year I have picked up programming seriously and I do feel that thrill again that would have never been satisfied in any way!

And I know If you had taught me at 8 I would have been a serious geek till now! So , does the age matter ? So my view in one line,

If you are old enough to type then you are old enough to code !

Best of Luck!

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Q:Is there a recommended age to start programming? A:Yes, age > 0