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This is first blog in my new series "How I spoiled the contest".

I'd like to share experience how I messed up the contest, to show (mainly for lower rated coders, same as I am) that they are not the only who make mistakes. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing a too many bugs in contests. If there is someone who feels same way, I hope this helps to feel better ;-)

Let's start.

You know that there was contest #115.

First problem, quite easy — split string to three and check if they are valid. I checked, that string longer than 1 character does not start with 0, but didn't checked that it is smaller than (**1.** incorrect submission).

Second problem, just to implement what we were asked for. Frankly, it was difficult to understand the conditions ("if his result is not worse than the result that 50%" and so on, I'm not native english speaker) for me, I was not sure if it can be equal or not. I managed the conditions passed statement examples hoped it is ok, wasn't (**2.** incorrect submission).

Third problem, also quite easy. First I missed that pis are increasing (just thought that it is count to increase f — 3. incorrect submission). I solved this, but missed that pi > 109, so it is long and not int (needed 3 submissions to pass pretest 7). No time for other problems, waiting for system tests...problem C is incorrect :-( The problem was in transformation pis to counts.

Lesson learned: Nothing is so simple that I can skip testing (I'm not sure if I apply this in future contests)

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Any idea how to combine latex with underscores in text?

When I try

When I use: <span class="tex-span"><i>p</i><sub class="lower-index"><i>i</i></sub></span> and <span class="tex-span"><i>p</i><sub class="lower-index"><i>i</i></sub> &gt; 10<sup class="upper-index">9</sup></span> and <span class="tex-span"><i>p</i><sub class="lower-index"><i>i</i></sub><i>s</i></span> there are ?bugs? in formatting.

When I use: pi and pi > 109 and pis there are ?bugs? in formatting.