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Hello all !!!

I m a newbie on CF , so I want to collect all important Data structures implementations in C++ 11 using STL for better and efficient participation on CF. I in search of complete implementation of topics like Segment Tree , Binary Index Tree , Lowest Common Ancestor in Binary Tree , Sparse Tree , Tries , Graph Basic implementaion for fast start in contests , Square Root Decomposition , Dinic's Algorithm and other MAX-FLOW algorithms , Pattern Matching algorithms like Aho-Corasick , Z Function ,Rabin Karp , Boyer Moorre . Implementation of Suffix Array , Suffix Tree ,Ukkonen's Algorithm .

And all other that you all use for better , fast and efficient participation .

I hope newbies throughout the world can become good coders if they are motivated by coders better than them. And then we can also compete and take the competition to the next level of toughness.

Sorry if I wasted anyones time by posting this. But I am unable to find good implementations anywhere on the internet.

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    I need C++ codes You code in C++ 11 I saw your submission .

    Can you give your own C++ implementations .