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Hello, Codeforces!
Today i want to introduce Codeforces Green Dot Chrome Extension. With it you now can access some of Codeforces data easily using simple User Interface.

Some Features:

  • Fast navigation links.
  • Sort your friends list by online status.
  • Check accounts statistics ex. number of friends,etc..
  • Check your friends list online status 'under construction'
  • Check recent actions [comments,posts] happens on codeforces platform(timed).

Versions: changelog

How to use:

  • Intro video: Here
  • Go to Webstore Link click add to chrome -> click add extension.
  • Icon appear at the top-right of chrome click it -> login -> write codeforces handle (yours or any handle).
  • Click Panel link will open full screen write your API Keys -> click save.
  • (optional) your api keys to see your friends list and enable online status feature(soon).

Features in the future:

  • Adding more some useful tools.
  • Codeforces platform chat in real-time.
  • Create codeforces green dot for mozilla firefox.
  • Online badges during surf codeforces platform website.
  • More nice statistics ex.[max/min {lines of submitted problems so far, contest submission time, etc..}].

⇨ Contact us: Here
⇨ Support us: Here

kindly if you see any bugs notice me, i'm open for any suggestions or notes.

With best regards, Khaled

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