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For the first time, the traditional "Izhevsk Training Camp" will be held simultaneously in Izhevsk and Yevpatoria (Ukraine).

Please find attached the newsletter and the camp schedule as well as the translated newsletter in English. Please note that the trasnlation is unofficial and is provided for reference only.

Newsletter (rus)
Newsletter (eng)
Camp schedule (rus)

General competition sponsor: NPO Computer,
Competition sponsor: SKB Kontur.

Please consider the schedule as accurate for Izhevsk and approximate for Yevpatoria.

Please note the following differences from the usual camp routine:

  1. Camp will be held not immediately after Petrozavodsk camp (as usual) but from 18 by 30 of September 2012.
  2. In Yevpatoria, the participants will work on their personal notebooks (please bring at least one notebook per team).
  3. In Yevpatoria, the registration fee can only be paid in cash in hrivnia (UAH) during onsite registration.

UPD: If you go to Yevpatoria, it is now possible to pay the registration fee in cash hrivnya (UAH) as well as via bank transfer in rubles or hrivnya (UAH).

UPD2: The registration fee for participation in Izhevsk reduced to 13,200 (thirteen thousand two hundred) rubles. The registration fee for participation in Yevpatoria remains equal to 14,700 (fourteen thousand seven hundred) rubles.

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