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Блог пользователя tweety

Автор tweety, история, 9 месяцев назад, По-английски,

Hello everyone,

Unlike the norm, we have no structured schedule/training for IOI-ers in my country, and I feel really lost when I come to practice — picking random Codeforces problems and trying to solve them doesn't feel like an optimal use of time.

You can guess my level by my cf rating and previous IOI performance. Do you have any resources/suggestions/practice groups that wouldn't mind me joining them? Or maybe we can create such a group?


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I like practicing by solving problems from contests similar to IOI: APIO, both BOIs, CEOI etc. At least for me, it's more productive to do them one year's problemset at a time because that way I am less likely to skip hard or annoying problems (which can easily happen when I have some huge list of problems).

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main.edu.pl. The problems are good, but there are no solutions. I tried to read the codes and guess what the hints could be !