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Hello Codeforces community.

It's been a long time since I last solved a problem on CF, so I decided I'd solve some Div. 2 As and Bs before I start solving Cs.

Anyway, I was solving problem 29B - Светофор, that's when I saw WA on test 12 after submitting it. What's weird isn't the WA in particular, it's the reason; "Can't find file C:\Contesters\Work\invoker-prod\work\codeforces2\b00a58c7139058a693e243e272a449d7\check-aa5f5d80dec38086488721f39ffc5878\run\output.fd0138e687.txt.".

For more information look at my submission below


As CF doesn't let you send the same code twice, I just added a small comment in my code and re-sent it. Surprise, AC.

You can find my submission with the same code but with an added comment below


Isn't this considered a fatal problem? Or is it just because it is an old problem so there are issues?

Imagine having a wrong answer verdict like this in a rated contest!

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I believe it's a bug. I've already seen quite a few blog posts about that on Codeforces. MikeMirzayanov, would you mind looking into that issue?

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Hahaha, when I read blog's title I thought "Oh, some blue guy thinks his typical lame bug everyone did in past is strangest WA ever, much entertaining, wow", but actually it's true, it's strangest WA I've ever seen xDD.

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it wasn't strange for me because i had same problem in another question too...

and i resubmitted my answer and then i got accepted

here is my wrong answer link

and my accepted link

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Strangest compile error ??

See this