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We invite you to participate in the boot camp that will be held at Yanka Kupala Grodno State University in collaboration with Moscow ACM ICPC Workshops from 15 to 25 August, 2017.

The main purpose of the camp is to prepare student teams that participate in ACM ICPC season 2017/2018 to successful performance in this competition. There will be two division. Division B is designed for participants of the ACM ICPC Regionals level and above. The official language of Division B is English. Another division is Division C, which is designed for newcomers to the world of competitive programming. The official language of Division C is Russian. The curriculum of both divisions features contests, analyses and thematic lectures. The part of lectures will be for both divisions, also there will be thematic separate lectures for Division B and Division C.

The cost of participation per single person is: 490 USD.

The cost features the curriculum, food and accommodation at the Grodno State University campus and trip schedule on days-off.

Grodno State University, being located almost in the center of Europe, is one of the centers for ACM ICPC coaching. Among the events hosted at GrSU are: bootcamps and open competitive programming championships.

Registrate here!

Recommended time of arrival: August 14, or 15 until 12:00am

Recommended time of departure: August 26, or 25 after 20:00 (8pm)

Look here for more information.

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My friends wrote this. Fuck Radoslav.

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