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I tried to solve the problem above using a Segment Tree for each plane. The idea is that I find the maximum interference level between each pair of intersection points, and do a Range-Maximum-Query on the segments the query overlaps. It seems that I have the correct idea/complexity since my code passes the cases of Batch 2 (consisting of max case), but I WA on the Batch 1 Cases.

I think the error I have lies in how I determine the indices for querying in lines 98-120, but I have not been able to find/fix it. Where did I go wrong in solving the problem?

Please help, and thanks in advance!

EDIT: Bump? I would appreciate if someone commented what additional information they would need to help me out instead of relentlessly pushing the downvote button...

EDIT 2: Ended up solving it (YAY!) by changing the custom comparator for "Intersection", but I don't know why it works. If someone could explain that to me... (Solution)

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