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105A - Transmigration

It seems that the difficulty of this problem mainly lies in the precision. Suppose that we are given an integer F and a float number L, and asked to compute the value of F × L. One can implement the above calculation based on float numbers, however this might lead to some weird precision problem. Instead, as for this specific problem, one can write L in the fractional form of , where both A and B are integers, and A can be obtained by extracting from the given input while B = 100. With this transformation, F × L can be equivalently calculated as F * A / B, where “/” denotes the “integer division”.

105B - Dark Assembly

We use DFS to generate all the feasible patterns of distributing candies. For each configuration, we calculate the probability of winning by enumerating all the possible results of voting. The results of voting can be represented based on bitmasks. For instance, 0011 denotes that the first two people give positive voting while the other two give negative voting.