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By blockingthesky, history, 13 months ago, In English,

Good Afternoon Codeforces,

This question is directed at those familiar with the Polygon platform. At present I'm trying to put some recent regional problems into Polygon for a mashup contest. Upon verifying the solutions/data, I get the following result:

PackageException: got FL on judge#20 which violates tag ACCEPTED.

I can not find anything in the Polygon documentation about "FL". Does anyone have a clue what this means? Thanks in advance.

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Usually that means that something went wrong, not with the solution but with other tools: that is, the checker exited with runtime error, the test didn't pass validation (or validator failed), or the generator produced different testcases when run with the same arguments (the generator should be stable and must not use any external randomness). Maybe something else can also lead to FL, but these are the most common reasons.

Try running a custom invocation (tab 'Invocations') in the problem page. Most likely you'll see all failed tests, and there'll be a detailed description of the error inside.

P.S. It is really strange to see "good afternoon" at 23:45 PM :)