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Hello, Codeforces!

We're going to host a new contest at csacademy.com. Round #58 will take place on Wednesday, 22/November/2017 15:05 (UTC). This contest will be a Div1 + Div2, with 7 tasks of varying difficulty that need to be solved in 2 hours.

Contest format:

  • You will have to solve 7 tasks in 2 hours.
  • There will be full feedback throughout the entire contest.
  • Tasks will not have partial scoring, so you need to pass all test cases for a solution to count (ACM-ICPC-style).
  • Tasks will have dynamic scores. According to the number of users that solve a problem the score will vary between 100 and 1000.
  • Besides the score, each user will also get a penalty that is going to be used as a tie breaker.


We're going to award the following prizes:

  1. First place: 100$
  2. Second place: 50$

About the penalty system:

  • Computed using the following formula: the minute of the last accepted solution + the penalty for each solved task. The penalty for a solved task is equal to log2 (no_of_submissions) * 5.
  • Solutions that don't compile or don't pass the example test cases are ignored.
  • Once you solve a task you can still resubmit. All the following solutions will be ignored for both the score and the penalty.

If you find any bugs please email us at contact@csacademy.com

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Just a reminder, the contest starts in 5 hours.

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When your D gets accepted 1 minute after contest and also was getting segmentation fault during contest because at one place I took array size as n instead of (1<<n) :(

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Very well, CSAcademy, today's F problem was easy version of problem 427F.

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Does anyone know what the hidden solution is, as mentioned in the editorial of this problem E?