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dipta007's blog

By dipta007, 2 years ago, In English,

3-4 days ago my friend mamun4122 told me, he wanted to download all his codes from the Codeforces site. He searched on google for such tool. Found some links 1, 2. But till today, they can't download from the gyms or we can't find any. If there is any, please give me the link in comment section. TIA.

So I thought why don't I give a try.

Now here is the link to the source code

You can find descriptions of how to use it in the

It would ask for your handle & account password as the gym solutions can't be downloaded without login. But if you still feel insecure, feel free to check my code. I know everyone here is smart enough to understand my beginner level code.

The format of the folder is [ Problem name — contest ID ]
And the format of the file is [ Problem ID — Problem name ]

If you face any problems or bugs, you can open an issue on github or knock me here or in FB

Thanks mamun4122 & howcum for testing and finding bugs.

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