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While solving problems on topcoder,I some time face this issue.

If any one can solve the issue or faced same issue .Please reply

unable to open the problem


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Yes, I've found that out a while ago (a month, maybe?) Almost a thousand statements are inaccessible there. Most of them are available through web arena, you just have to wait for several minutes for them to load. Don't be too much concerned with problems available through HTML, because they have a lot of broken unicode chars (replaced with question marks) and picture URLs mentioning topcoder.com by obsolete IP address.

Some of the bugs (like practice rooms not opening on the first visit, or @legakis putting images into statement from his own server that rejects all connections from Russia) were there for years. But way back from 2013 when they've been bought by Appirio, they have intermittent problems like this or some Barclay's buying out whole server for their private SRMs, when only 4 practice rooms are available for weeks.

I've made a full backup of statements and system tests from TC, and backed it up in several places. I will share it in case TC will really go offline. Not earlier than that, because (by the look of the message underneath every statement) they might become pretty aggressive, and close all the sources where the problems could be downloaded automatically.

If some of problemsetters from TC are reading this: on what terms did you share your problems with TC?

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Interestingly enough, you can see problem statements if you add 'rm' and 'cr' params to the URL's query params, for example this link works: https://community.topcoder.com/stat?c=problem_statement&pm=10195&rd=13695&cr=4234&rm=