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Can anyone check my solution Id. 34415408. I don't know why it is giving TLE. Code link : http://codeforces.com/contest/86/submission/34415408

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First of all notice that this is an old problem. So your execution time will be multiplied by 2.

There are many optimizations that you can do —

  1. Honestly use scanf/printf for IO.
  2. You are using too much long long variables, it takes too much time. Use only when necessary.
  3. You are using long long BLOCK = 512, if you use const long long compiler will optimize division / modulo for with the number.
  4. In the compare function, you are calculating the block number there, again and again. The division is a costly operator. You can pre-calculate the block number in main function and just use that.
  5. You are accessing the cnt[] array 5 times in add/remove function. But it is possible to design those by accessing only twice or even once.
  6. Silly optimization — if anywhere you have i++, and changing it to ++i doesn't affect much. Then use ++i. Somehow ++i is more faster.

So, it is reasonable that you got TLE.

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    damn... it worked when i optimized the add/remove function. Can't believe it was giving TLE. Thanks a lot :D.