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Hello, Codeforces!

I would like to invite you to take part in the 10th jubilee edition of the international programming marathon Deadline24. During the contest, the teams of three tackle algorithmic problems.

Registration will last until February 22 and it is possible through the form available on the website:

The qualifying round will take place on Sunday, February 25. During it the registered teams will struggle to solve tasks for 5 hours and this will be verified by server. This part of the competition is carried out remotely. In the last year a record number of competitors registered for the first phase — 1950.

For the final — which lasts for 24 hours — 30 teams with the best scores obtained during the elimination will be invited. The final will take place on 7- 8 of April in Poland. This year the best teams will win: Oculus Rift, iPad and Kindle Oasis 2.

Don't forget that the registration ends on February 22! Good luck in the qualifying round :)

If you are interested in the previous years' tasks, you can find them here.

Special thanks to Mike Mirzayanov for his help in promoting the competition on CF.

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How can we register a team, not only one member ?

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    To create your own team, you must log in on and go to “My menu” -> “Create your team”.

    To join an existing team, you must go to “My menu” -> “Join an existing team”. Then, choose a team from the list and click the button “Join team”.

    Each participant must register himself and choose a team or create his own. Team captain (a person who created a team) can remove team members but cannot add anyone.