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By Swollen-headed, history, 9 months ago, In English,

Hello everyone, I'm a beginner at competetive programming, would anyone please suggest me some math/number theory problems for fast growth please? Because I'm really not so good at it and I'd like to develope (my Logic & Math), thanks in advance!

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So which one is it? Do you want to develop your Logic & Math skills or your Competitive Programming skills? Although there are some overlaps between the two, if your aim is logic and math, then you are better off studying math. Competitive Programming helps a little with your logic but not your math. You will see as you progress deeper into this field, that you can handwave (quite) often (proof by intuition) and still get your code accepted. On the other hand, math is very unforgiving. Handwave (a little) and you get the whole problem wrong. So I'd recommend that you look elsewhere unless you want to train your coding and implementation skills.

P.s. There are many more helpful mathematicians than competitive coders and much more complete (and detailed) math resources than that in Competitive Programming. This would be another reason for you to look towards math rather than Competitive Programming as a means to train your math and logic skills.